dimanche 28 décembre 2008

The Unseen

You'll definitively want to see the end of it.

After a somewhat slow start where a kind of psychological profile of the hero is drawn, including the now classical partial amnesia, an italic chapter starts to make you wonder. From there on, the story develops quickly and keeps you wanting to read more to understand what is happening.

Plot is extremely complex with lots of bad guys, some good women (even one from my beloved Venezuela and without too much cliché about the country) and shooting by dozens...

This tends to be the norm in nowadays stories. Self-defense being a quick excuse to allow the characters to kill with no second thoughts about it. I am still waiting to find a good action story where one would feel that human life has more values...

I prefer books where the psychological profile is deeper and where words are a little more crafted but I would recommend it especially if :
  1. You live in DC because you'll probably recognize the setup,
  2. You like Marilyn Manson because you'll never listen to him the same,
  3. You forget to turn off the AutoFill features on your preferred browser because you'll probably watch your back while entering a password next time...

1 commentaire:

TL Hines a dit…

Hey, thanks for reviewing (also nice to hear a native Venezuelan perspective...I keep expecting people to say: "Kleiderman? You really named a guy Kleiderman?" But that hasn't been the case.)

Guilty as charged on the partial amnesia. But as long as I don't also throw in identical twins, I figure I'm okay. As for wanton death and destruction...yeah, I can get a little carried away.

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