jeudi 28 août 2008

Let me put a spell on you

I will never find the Order of the Fang. I know it. My internal senses are yelling at me that the world is about to end. This is strange. I, Travis GriffinShard, Adept Theurgist, have never doubted that I would be able to save Wizard City from the evil Malistaire. Especially with the help of such nice girls like Mary, Calamity, Myrna and also my good friends Gilroy and Oran. But I know now that this will never happen. The world is about to disappear. Do not ask me how I know it. I can feel it in the breeze, in the smell of life slowly turning sour, in the song of birds going awry...

The early days at the school had been quite interesting. Lots of things to learn, lots of people to meet. The Headmaster of course, my professor of Life Magic and all the others teachers. I was and I am still a very quick learner, curious and willing to help others in their quest. I soon became a Hero of the Unicorn way. And then I battle thru the Golem Tower to help an advanced student finish her thesis. I was happy then. I had not learn to be defeated yet. This would arrive soon enough by the way. My worst defeated was against the gobbler prince. I was with 2 other apprentices and when I almost faint of exhaustion in front of the repeated attacks of the prince, instead of helping me they left me to be sent back to the school Commons.

That was quite a shock for me to discover some students would put their own before the group. I should have known. Not everybody choose the path of life. In battle, you are sometimes along people walking the schools of Death, Fire, Ice, Myth, Balance. But still it was a rude awakening for me.

Then I remember the most difficult battle ever, inside the strange place called Sunken City. This place is so strange that if you go back to Commons to search something or restore your mana, everything is the same again  But with the help of some friends we manage to get the pendants of Grubb and help Marla to get an A for her homework with the Myth professor.

And then I discovered that there are other worlds ! Krokopedia is a lovely place, full of sunshine and sands. After solving the enigmas of the Great Pyramid, I was directed to the flying boat in order to get to the Krokosphinx. The vision of the world you have when riding a boat on thin air is quite impressive. Fortunately the travel is a short one, else I may have been suffering from the illness of air travel, such impressed I was.

This is where I am now, looking for the Order of the Fang, battling a scaring Minautor and its minions in company of the lovely Mary.

And I know that the world will end. My only hope is to be able to find my way again in the river of life to come back and save Wizard City the next time.

It would be nice to be able to feel again the thrill of magic battles and to have a dragon pet to share my way thru the immensity of the worlds.

Somehow I know it will happen. As I know this world is doomed ! Let me send you a kiss for goodbye...

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